Muslimin Bagus Pranowo

Choreographer and Dancer

Muslimin Bagus Pranowo

(Choreographer and Dancer)

One of the most tallented dancer and choreographer who began his dance carrier when he was a student at the High School for the Arts (SMKI) in Surakarta. He studied with great master teacher on Javanese court dance Mr Pitoyo at ARLANG Budaya in Surakarta. One of student at the Indonesian Institute for the Arts (ISI) Surakarta where he dance and Choreographed his works mostly combining Javanese Court Dances, Capoera and Hip-Hop.

He won as a Best Dancer on the National TV Dance Contest ”Lets Dance” in 2006 and 2007. He study, dance and performance with S.Pamardi, Suparto Suryodarmo, Angelia Liong, Slamet Gundono Rini Endah, as well as with her deep contribution on dance performance with Solo Dance Studio.

He was one of the dancer and collabolator for the Gost Exchange with the ARTS FISSION Company Singapore at the Sabtision Theatre Singapore, Esplanade Theatre Studio Singapore and Arts Summit Jakarta 2007. His solo dance piece “Buta Bukan Mati” was nominated for the solo dance competition Pakan Baru Riau 2005. His dance piece was performing at the Jogjakarta Arts Festival, Tari bulan Ganjil and many more. He dance and as assitent choreogrpher for the Opera Jawa Film Musical directed by Garin Nugroho and composed by Rahayu Supanggah. Most recently, Muslimin engage to create a dance piece with Hip-Hop dance community in Solo city for his BFA degree in December 2008. Muslimin Joined Solo Dance Studio in 2001.