Eko Wahyudi

Choreographer and Dancer

Eko Wahyudi

(Choreographer and Dancer)

Born on a family which not familier with dance and arts, his high school on mecanical engineering was bring him to switch on dance when he enter the dance department of Indonesian Institute for the Arts (ISI) Surakarta in 2002 and Hold his BFA degree in Choreography in 2007.

His background on engineering was addressing his arts fussion on combination of physical and philosophical encounter in dance and choreography, which he created “Hek” 2005, “Kosong” and “Maya” in 2006, "Wiri-wiri" and “Ego” in 2007. He Study Javanese court dance and Javanese Martial Arts (pencak Silat) in his Native village Ngawi West Java.

He dances for Suprapto Suryodarmo, Wahyu Santoso Prabowo, Fajar Satriadi, Saryuni Padminingsih, S. Pamardi, Sri Hadi Bismo and most of Solo Dance Studio dance Performance since 2002. Eko is one of assistant choreographer for Anak-anak Borobudur, a film directed by Arswendo Atmowilopo, World Piece Forum Jakarta and “Generasi Biru “ film musical directed by Garin Nugroho with Indonesian rock band SLANK. He dance for the Opera Jawa film by Garin Nugroho and recently he dance for “the Iron Bed” directed by Garin Nugroho at the Theatre Spectacle Zurich, Switzerland and the Indonesian Dance Festival 2008. Eko Joined Solo Dance Studio in 2002.